Diving in Phuket



Diving in Thailand - dive with Poseidon Diving Phuket (1st Diving Basis in Phuket, since 1972)


Dive trips around Phuket - Dive-Safaris to Similan, PeePee, Koh Hah, Hin Daeng
Dive courses from beginner to professional to the standards of PADI

Transportation to the dive sites is on Poseidons own dive boats. Each has ample space for divers and gear, with a conopy for sun protection, toilet and shower. Daily trips take you to some of the many islands and reefs around Phuket, where you will dive once in the morning and in the afternoon. Lunch is aboard the boat or ashore with plenty of time provided for rest and relaxation. Under water you can expect to see a multitude of colorful tropical fish, innumerable shells and invertebrates, gorgeous hard and soft corals, in addition to sharks, groupers, sea turtles and other big fish.

Why diving in Phuket with Poseidon?

* Because the owners are themselves on board every day
* They know the dive grounds well and take pleasure in showing you the full range of interesting things to see
* As the owners are on board, they attach great importance to safety and avoid any risky situations
* Staying with the guests let us know what the guests want and need
* You have a direct contact for questions and concerns and you will not be left wondering
* Because we are not a big company with dozens of divers on board
* Because we are flexible and do not operate according to a fixed timetable. We don’t see any point in spending the day in rough seas on an open reef. Or in calm seas in a protected bay. Just because the schedule dictates it
* Diving in Phuket should be safe, comfortable, offer beautiful dives and be fun.
* The fact that many divers have been with us for more than 45 years speaks for itself. And that we haven’t lost a single diver since our start in Phuket in 1972 may say something about our safety standards.

The Poseidon Diving crew in Phuket


Dive Groups

We prefer small groups. A maximum of 3 divers per dive guide. Beginners and experienced divers are not mixed. If you have enough experience, you can dive in Phuket just with your partner. If they want to. There are no dive time limits. If your air consumption is low you can dive for a long time!. Only a maximum of 12 divers will be taken on board. There is more than enough space for everybody. There is no crowding or jostling. And no preferential treatment. “Old hands” and “fledgling divers” co-exist peacefully together! We board together, we lunch together. But everybody dives at her or his own pace and level.

If you like to know more please contact:

Poseidon Diving, Phuket

Klaus Orlik:

+66 (0)81 891 3969

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